Ecclissi watch is a newly designed, versatile watch that is made to be worn all day long. It features three interchangeable straps, a scratch resistant sapphire crystal and case back and has a built-in GPS with a 1 year of unlimited map downloads. This is one elegant timepiece for those who are looking for an efficient, practical way to track work hours or an activity tracker for the more active among us.

Features of Ecclissi watch

1. Three interchangeable straps

The Ecclissi watch features three interchangeable straps that are designed to adjust the watch to meet the needs of varying occasions. The silicone sport strap can be changed into a leather strap if you`d like a more formal look. The leather strap can then be swapped out for a nightlife-ready stainless steel mesh bracelet with push pin clasp if you want to step out in style.

2. A scratch resistant sapphire crystal and case back

The Ecclissi timepieces are manufactured with scratch resistant sapphire crystals and case backs that not only make them practically indestructible but also easy to clean, which is very important for an active lifestyle.

3. Free 1 year of unlimited map downloads

The Ecclissi timepieces feature built-in GPS that keeps track of work hours or any other active movement. The watch plans for this activity are synced wirelessly to the free iPhone app and website. All of this service is provided for free for a year, which means that you aren`t locked into any type of subscription.

4. Modular design with interchangeable straps

All three bands are easily interchangeable as they`re held together on the Ecclissi watch via a quick release mechanism, which means that you won`t need to take the whole watch off in order to change it out.

5. Sapphire crystal case back

The Ecclissi watch features a scratch resistant sapphire crystal case back that is also responsible for the water resistance of the timepiece. The case back resists breaks in the event of an accidental fall and allows it to be submerged up to 30 m, or 100 feet, underwater. These two features are very important when it comes to active tracking, because they help you maintain a sense of security without fear of breaking your watch or worrying about whether or not it will get damaged by water.

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