Jimmy Choo Urban Hero is a new addition to the brand’s range. It is a perfumed unisex eau de toilette that comes in three different versions. The signature Jimmy Choo scent is joined by notes of mint, cardamom, coriander, and orange blossom.

Benefits of using Jimmy Choo Urban Hero Perfume

1. The unique scent

The scent of Jimmy Choo Urban Hero is incomparable owing to the blending of four different types of aromatic oils. The unique combination of mint, cardamom, orange blossom, and coriander gives the fragrance a refreshing feel. Jimmy Choo Urban Hero is made with notes of real wood and jasmine in addition to aquatic notes of cedar wood and musk. These ingredients make the fragrance a mood-enhancer which enhances the feel of confidence needed while wearing it.

2. Quality

Jimmy Choo perfumes are very high-quality and are priced at £54 for a 50ml bottle. The design of the packaging is exceptionally impressive. The clear flacon is shaped in such a manner that it displays the gorgeous cap surrounding it and all three of the bottles within.

3. Magazines’ reviews of Jimmy Choo Urban Hero

As every designer wants to attract as many individuals to their products, magazines have always been a very important media in these matters. Jimmy Choo is a unique brand that has won the heart of many individuals worldwide. Urban hero perfumes were launched by Jimmy Choo in 2014, and the reviews are in full swing.

4. Elegance and style

Jimmy Choo is a design house that has been known for its extremely high-quality products. The brand’s elegance and style are well known owing to its products. Jimmy Choo Urban Hero perfume bottle is very attractive, with beautiful shades of blue making it look magical.


Jimmy Choo perfumes are unique and are an excellent piece of accessories for any individual. The popularity of Jimmy Choo is well known worldwide owing to its quality products and innovative designs. The Scent of City perfume launched by Jimmy Choo is a must-have item for every man who wants to be the trendsetter.

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