JAI anklet is a unisex product that helps you to reduce stress, sleep better, and heal faster. It is an innovative solution that reduces the harmful effects of electromagnetic radiation (EMR) from cell phones, Wi-Fi routers, Wi-Fi enabled devices, baby monitors and other wireless gadgets.

Features of JAI anklet

1. A simple and comfortable anklet to reduce harmful EMR radiation.

This revolutionary EMR reducing anklet provides users with a simple and comfortable solution to reduce harmful effects of electromagnetic radiation (EMR). The specially designed NILOS® beads inside the anklet act like mini Faraday cages protecting the body from harmful EMR radiations. Each JAI anklet is personalised based on your energy field and DNA test.

2. Made in Quality Certified Laboratory

JAI Anklet is made in a quality certified laboratory, following international standards for safe products. This ensures that each JAI anklet has a high safety standard, which is beneficial for users, who need to protect themselves from EMR radiations produced by smartphones, Wi-Fi routers or other devices.

3. All Natural JAI anklet

JAI anklet is a completely natural and plant-based product. It is made from non-toxic and natural materials that are mixed with Nano Technology to produce remarkable results. JAI anklet has been tested on over 5,000 users. Results showed that it can reduce EMR by up to 70% when worn regularly. This means that the more you use JAI anklet, the more effective it becomes. The realisation of this phenomenon is a direct result of the interaction between your body and JAI anklet: as you wear it, you will feel an improvement in overall health and wellbeing – an effect which will continue even after the removal of JAI anklet.

4. No risk of infection

JAI anklet is made from non-toxic materials, which means it is completely safe for use. In fact, the JAI anklet has been tested and is certified safe by the UK Department of Health. JAI anklet does not contain any metal or other elements which are harmful to human health, thus ensuring safety for users.

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