Lauren McBride Rattan String Lights offer a versatile method for adding brightness to any room. The rattan rope gives the lights an informal floating and organic feel, making them perfect for setting the tone of relaxation and charm. To create the ideal ambiance, turn on these strings during nap time or at bedtime and enjoy the soothing glow of their warm amber light as it gently envelops you with color as you drift off to sleep.

Featuring LED bulbs, these lights require a minimum of maintenance and save you money on energy bills. The LED bulbs give you a touch of rustic elegance and provide enough light for activities like reading, watching television or creating a warm ambiance during the evening. The set includes three strings in the color amber which create the perfect room lighting effect. You can purchase additional strings or use the included hook to connect multiple sets for larger spaces.

You’ll love the rustic look and feel of these lights, and their charming appeal will instantly transport you to a place of relaxation and calmness. They make an excellent gift idea for friends and family or anyone who likes to create a warm ambiance with quality lighting. The natural fiber gives them an informal appearance that enhances the mood of your room by giving off a soft glow that is warm yet calming.

You can also use these lights during special occasions like Christmas and Halloween when you want to create that perfect autumn atmosphere. The natural look of the lights enhances your holiday decorations by giving off a glow that makes them pop.


Lauren McBride Rattan String Lights is a type of lighting which is manufactured using rattan, giving it an amazingly unique look. More and more people are using this type of lighting for their homes, because it’s attractive to both the eyes and the wallet. If you’re thinking about making your home more attractive, then you should definitely consider adding rattan string lights to your décor. You’ll be amazed at how quickly you can add some charm and style into any room of your home when you use these types of lights.

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