The Waterpik Sonic Fusion Toothbrush comes with incredible features: Standard, Soft, Whitening, Sensitive and Floss Action. The toothbrush is comprised of a sleek tooth-shaped head and an ergonomically designed handle for maximum comfort. There is also three different power levels to choose from when using the brush. One of the main selling points of Waterpiks is that they are more efficient than other types of electric toothbrushes too. Here are other features you can get in this tooth brush

1. Floating Power Tip

The floating power tip is used to remove plaque and food particles. The movement of the tip is in a gentle side-to-side motion rather than a circular one. This results in less gum irritation and more comfortable brushing. The power tip reaches areas that are hard to reach with a normal brush head such as the back teeth, between teeth and the chewing surfaces of teeth.

2. Orthodontic Bristles

The Orthodontic Bristles, on the Waterpik Sonic Fusion Toothbrush are angled to the gum line. They reach deep between teeth so they can remove food particles from that area and also from tight spaces around braces and dental work. This makes them ideal for orthodontic patients as well as those who wear a lot of jewellery or sports mouth guards which can trap food particles against teeth.

The bristles also have special markers on them which rotate every 2 minutes in order to indicate when you need to move on to another part of your mouth. It is recommended that you spend about 2 minutes on each quadrant of your mouth.

The bristles are soft and do not hurt or irritate the gums at all.

3. Floss Action Tip

The floss action tip is the same as the Power Tip but without the power. It has a notch on one end which you place against your gum line, then across your teeth in a gentle side-to-side motion. This is useful when not using power or when having a thorough flossing session with your Waterpik Sonic Fusion Toothbrush. You should spend about 4 seconds on each tooth in order to clean between all of them and under any crowns or bridges that you might have.

The floss action tip is also useful for those who have gum disease or are wearing braces. It allows you to reach behind the teeth to remove food particles and plaque buildup which can cause gum disease, infections or even bleeding gums. The floss action tip rotates every 30 seconds.

Waterpik recommend that you use the floss action tip between all of your teeth to remove any plaque buildup and food particles stuck between teeth as well as under all of your crowns and bridges.

The floss action tip rotates every 30 seconds, so it is recommended that you move on to another area in your mouth after 60 seconds of brushing.


Waterpik Sonic Fusion Toothbrushes are designed to be used by people of all ages, from children with braces to adults with crowns and bridges. The orthodontic bristles are angled to the gum line so they can remove food particles or plaque buildup which can cause gingivitis, periodontitis and gum disease.

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