One of the most luxurious items from the French fashion brand, LOccitane Shea and Almonds is a range of skin care and body products. Their Shea and Almond range includes not only lip balms, but also hand creams and body lotions to ensure your skin is kept moisturized while feeling smooth.

The following are features that make this product so luxurious:

Certified Organic:

Occitane products are certified organic and if you want to be sure that you are getting the benefits of organic skincare, then this is the product for you. Products made with organic ingredients are a safe and healthy choice that should never be replaced with artificial ones.

Natural Ingredients:

The Shea Butter in this product is made from natural ingredients including coconut oil and shea butter which is a good thing as these ingredients have been used for centuries to keep skin healthy and moisturized. This product also contains natural ingredients such as honey that can help to exfoliate the skin while providing extra hydration.

Transparent Packaging:

This product comes in a transparent plastic bottle so you can see exactly how much product is left. This is useful as you can see when the product will run out so you can order a new one or if it is time to replace the top.

Skin Benefits:

1. Ingredients, including shea and sunflower oils, can be absorbed by the skin quickly, making it ideal for use in lip balm and hand creams.

2. It acts as a natural moisturizer for the skin.

3. It is gentle and has no smell, making it great for use around your eyes.

4. It has a trustworthy reputation.


Occitane products are not just great quality, but also a brand that you can trust. It is well known for its products, their natural ingredients and excellent customer service.

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